Barrel Manufacturing

Iran Ertebat Bitumen Refinery

Barrel Manufacturing

Bitumen refinery of Iran Ertebat engineering company is equipped with a barrel production line with a capacity of 6000 barrels per day and a fully automated electrostatic coating line that are in compliance with up-to-date standards. 

This unit is capable of producing two types of drums, 150 and 180 kg. 

The quality and control unit evaluates the quality of manufactured barrels from the very beginning of the entry of a steel sheets to final stages of manufacture. This unit employs different approaches to guarantee the quality of manufacture including engraving the logo and the name of the company on the barrel lids or printing the tracking code on the drum bodies.


180kg barrel         150kg barrel
0.6         0.6   Thickness (mm)
980         830   Height (MM) ±30
500         500   Diameter (mm) ±30
9.6         8.3   Weight of empty barrel (kg) ±0.2
180         148   Net weight of bitumen (kg) ±3
190         160   Weight of barrel and bitumen (kg) ±3