Iran Ertebat Bitumen Refinery

Our History...


Iran Ertebat Engineering Company was established in 1984 and has valuable experience in executing industrial projects in the field of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Water & Wastewater, Road & Transportation, Building, Maintenance & Facilities, which all carried out, EPC, PC and C.

The reputation and success of our company today is achieved due to our expert and responsible staff along with the professional management system.

Our company has ranking system from Iran's planning and supervisory division of presidential settlement, which are:

  • "Grade 1" in the fields of Oil & Gas.
  • "Grade 1" in the field of Road & Transportation.
  • "Grade 1" in the field of Water & Waste-water.
  • “Grade 3” in the field of Building Construction.
  • “Grade 4” in the field of Maintenance & Facilities.
  • “Grade 5” in the field of Mining Industry.
  • “Grade 5” in the field of  Power.

We are proud to declare that Iran Ertebat has a vast number of collaborations with contractors of different industries for pipeline transferring and building constructions, which we consider it as one of our remarkable accomplishments. This achievement could only come to reality due to the potential and capacity of having two operational factories in charge, which consist of pipe coating unit, bitumen refinery, Primer and Fiberglass wrapping production unit located in Tehran. The other factory is located in Kermanshah, which provides pipe coating services to various industries.

Technical personnel of our company includes a great number of professional experienced engineers who are executing projects using the newest and up-to-date software together with practical experience and complying with all international standards.

The machineries of our company consist of hundreds of bulldozers, loaders, graders, mixer trucks, cranes, a variety of heavy/light vehicles and other facilities. Possession of these machineries has enabled us to simultaneously carry out multiple operations in different projects.


Bitumen refinery of Iran Ertebat engineering company was established in 2007 in a 9-hectare plant to produce different types of bitumen.

After several years of producing high-quality products that have been known in Iran’s market, we have been determined to take a major step to enter the international markets by increasing the production capacity.

By design and fabrication of two aeration reactors, continuous and discontinuous, with a production capacity of at least 27000 tons of different grades of bitumen per month, this company can currently provide a considerable part of Iran’s bitumen production beyond the national and international standards.



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