Iran Ertebat Bitumen Refinery

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Foreign companies can pay in cash through their representative inside Iran or their secure currency exchange office.

Our  company is able to deliver export goods in the form of Ex-work factory doors, FOB Bandar Abbas and other countries CFR.

According to the laws of the Iranian Stock Exchange, only legal persons are allowed to obtain a buyer's code. In order to obtain the Purchase Code, the purchasers should apply to the broker and choose to provide the following documents in order to be submitted to the Stock Exchange after the completion and confirmation of the authenticity of the documents by the broker:

A buyer code request form that has been approved by the broker after completion.

Copy of the company's articles of association.

Copy of the official newspaper and the latest company changes.

Economic Code and National Identity of the Company.

Financial statements for the last financial period of the company, together with the latest report of the auditor and legal inspector.

Copy of the identity of the members of the board of directors and the managing director of the company.

Other documents, licenses and supporting documents regarding the buyer's activity in the fields related to the subject matter purchases, in accordance with the "Committees acceptance by the buyer of the Iranian stock exchange". Copy of the identity of the members of the board of directors and the managing director of the company.

Copy business card (for internal ring purchases)

Operating license (for internal ring purchases)

Buyers can refer to the website of the company or the website of the website of the Iranian Commodity Exchange (www.ime.co.ir) for information on the terms of all the company's offerings (including domestic rims and export rigs). And if you would like to purchase, complete the order form before submitting it and submit it to your broker.

Depending on the package, the distance to the destination, as well as the customs clearance and clearance fees vary in the destination country.

The sale of Iran Ertebat bitumen refinery is in cash. Buyers can submit the purchase order to the account number of the Iran Ertebat Company.

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